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Ellisville's Fab Five
Tim Aly

7.29.2007Previous    Main Article Page    Next
Fab Five - a term originally given to the Michigan basketball team many years ago, and more recently was used to describe the group on an extreme makeup show. Now, Ellisville has their own version of the Fab Five.
I've had the distinct privilege of observing five young adults over the past several years. My unique vantage point comes from Row 4, on the left side of the building (as you're facing the pulpit). One can learn many things by simply being observant - Did you know that one of these five usually goes through services without shoes? Did you know that just one glance from any girl in the row elicits smiles from all the rest?
In a very short time, the Ellisville congregation will send five recent high school graduates away to college. I remember a few years ago, when we didn't have five students in a combined junior and senior class. We have been blessed by spiritual and numerical growth as evidenced by these five young adults. I've watched them grow and mature as people and as Christians. I've seen how they interact with each other, with other members both older and younger, and with the very youngest in our congregation.
I'm quite sure that Kim and Jan, Ed and Lisa, George and Rachel, as well as Susan and I are very proud of our children. Proud that they've matured, grown in their knowledge of the Lord, and have been such good examples to everyone they've encountered.
I'm also sure that the places where they're headed (UMKC, Harding and Florida College) will be benefited by their work ethic in the classroom, by their zeal and enthusiasm, by their strong character, and by their love of the Lord.
To those remaining in the high school class - you have big shoes to fill. You have benefited by the legacy left behind. Are you up to the challenge? I think you are and I know you've been encouraged by the example of these five.
Asha, Natalie, Caroline, Mike, and Cameron - we will miss you terribly! We will look forward to breaks and holidays when you return and occupy your seats, share with us your knowledge in class and listen to your beautiful voices singing praises to God.
The Ellisville congregation thanks you - and we love you!! Best of Luck !!

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